We wish that professors’ Saulius Sondeckis (1928‒2016) greeting in 2013, inspired all the
participants of the international Saulius Sondeckis competition for young violinists and cellists:

“My dear young participants of the international competition here in  Šiauliai! I am delighted to welcome everyone who is ready to have a friendly competition with their peers.

This competition keeps on taking root deeper and deeper in to the Lithuanian music culture and grows to be well-liked and appreciated.

I know, that the participants of the previous competitions brought home from Šiauliai, unforgettable memories.
Therefore, I wish all participants the very best of luck performing their programme! Everybody can reach victory, but you need to overcome self-doubt and stage fright.

I am certain, once you have met your competitors you will become excellent friends as well and share the love for music and experience the thrill of the contest.

I wish you the best of luck!”