Participation Fee

A Category participants – 70 euros.

B category participants – 75 euros.

Category C participants – 80 euros.

D category participants – 100 euros.

The organizers of the competition have the right to adjust the maximum number of participants according to the date of filling in the questionnaires. Participants who do not enter the competition will be notified in person and the fee will be refunded.

The attendence fee must be paid by bank transfer by April 10th, 2024
The name, surname of the attendee and the purpose of the payment must be specified in the payment.

The payment for the enterance fee is transfered to:

Recipient:  Šiaulių Sauliaus Sondeckio menų gimnazija, code 190968866 
Beneficiary’s IBAN (account number): LT267300010040236255
Beneficiary bank sorting code (SWIFT/BIC): HABALT22
Recipient’s address: P. Višinskio g. 35, Šiauliai 76351, Lietuva
Name of beneficiary’s bank: Swedbank, AB
Beneficiary’s bank address: Konstitucijos pr. 20A, 03502, Vilnius, Lietuva

Purpose of payment: VII tarptautinio Sauliaus Sondeckio konkurso stojamasis dalyvio mokestis